1. Intro (1:42)
2. Summertime (8:09)
3. A Short Goodbye (5:18)
4. As You Are (6:06)
5. Kind Of Grey (6:35)
6. Milk Wood Sky (6:19)
7. Minor Idea For A Walk (8:38)
8. Travessia (5:20)
9. A Mermaid's Tale (5:42)
10. Baby (5:35)


Total time 59:24

Kim Versteynen, voice

Arne Van Coillie, piano, rhodes

Flor Van Leugenhaeghe, double bass

Luc Vanden Bosch, drums


Recorded on December 2013 at Studio Crescendo, Genk, by Wouter Elen and Pino Guaracci.

Open & Close - Kim In the Middle 2014

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