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Here's To Life!

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Kim and Arne collaborate frequently in different bands and line-ups, but for this new duo project they give preference to "the song" (chanson - Lied - fado?). The voice gets the chance to sing about the things of life, short stories to the tunes of the great musical blacksmiths of the USA (or elsewhere occasionally).

The collaboration between a vocalist and his or her accompanist is a special and intimate thing. Ella Fitzgerald and Tommy Flanagan, Tony Bennett and Ralph Sharon, Kurt Elling and Laurence Hobgood: the right chord (or well chosen wrong chord) at the right moment colors every nuance, is the safety net for every jump, puts the musical punctuation marks in every text. Singer and pianist complement each other, challenge each other, finish the story together.

Kim Versteynen - voice

Arne Van Coillie - piano

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