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Kim In the Middle

Kim's own quartet is constantly evolving through improvisation and interaction. The music is always personal with a strong jazz approach. The two albums capture the unique spirit and musical development of the group. In 2019 the third album, The 7 Year Itch" was released and it has Kim In the Middle written all over it: a surprising repertoire in a creative atmosphere, surrounding Kim's clear, warm and superflexible voice. 

Kim Versteynen & Arne Van Coillie - Here's To Life!

Kim and Arne collaborate frequently in different bands and line-ups, but for this new duo project they give preference to "the song" (chanson - Lied - fado?). The voice gets the chance to sing about the things of life, short stories to the tunes of the great musical blacksmiths of the USA (or elsewhere occasionally).

Kim Versteynen & Tim Finoulst

Two sensitive musicians collaborating in the most transparent way: voice and guitar. They won the Concours des jeunes talents at the Dinant Leffe Jazz Nights Festival on July 22nd 2013! Their album "First Time" was released on November 1st 2014. 


Kim works as a freelance singer in small and large bands for any concert, any occasion, studio work, weddings etc.


Knst. Hasselt | singing teacher in the jazz and pop departement

UCLL Hasselt | singing teacher in the music teacher training department

Private | project coaching, preparation for conservatory and other music schools

Secundary School Kindheid Jesu "MUSART" - Hasselt | singing teacher in the jazz departement (on hold)

Ga Voor Kunst Genk | singing teacher in the jazz and pop departement (on hold)



This band relives the piano trio as Nat 'King' Cole intended without being a tribute band. Arne Van Coillie - band leader, arrangements & piano | Tim Finoulst - guitar | Flor Van Leugenhaeghe - double bass | Kim Versteynen - voice. Go to the shop page for more info on the album.

Hepcats XL

Hepcats is a new swingband, playing thirties music with an authentic thirties feel - just the way lindy hop dancers like it!

Chris Vandeweyer - trumpet | Tim Daemen - trombone | Lennert Baerts - tenor sax, soprano sax & clarinet | Arne Van Coillie - band leader, arrangements & piano | Jan Bervoets - guitar | Flor Van Leugenhaeghe - double bass | Gert-jan Dreessen - drums | Kim Versteynen - vocals

Manoesh - Today´s Girls, Yesterday´s Songs

An Andrew Sisters inspired theatre show, 

loaded with humour, nostalgia and perfect 



A cross-over project interpreting the music of George Gershwin with a classical ánd a jazz approach. Waldo Geuns - class. piano| Piet Vansichen - class. bass voice|Arne Van Coillie - jazz piano |Kim Versteynen - jazz voice | Grégoire Vandersmissen - tap dance

Kim & carillon player Jan Verheyen

Christmas In The Air

pop & jazz songs

live radio play "De Sprekende Klok"

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