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                                                       Kim In the Middle


In her quartet Kim has the chance to do her thing in the best of conditions with musicians who understand eachother. Kim constantly challenges her flexible, warm voice throughout a vast mix of genres. She makes every song her own through improvisation and interpretation and in a very personal way she takes the audience on  a musical adventure.

The new 2019 album, "The 7 Year Itch" brings you:

Something old: “-er”, namely our bass player and pianist. They were already making music in the previous century! :-P

Something new: (inter)national collaborations, original compositions, a young drummer who kicks ass, ánd a surprise (guest) or two!

Something borrowed: the typical vivacious Kim In the Middle mix of jazz and other genres;

… and a whole lotta Blue (notes)!


Press releases:

Interview on KLARA national radio (Dutch)
Dragonjazz review by Pierre Dulieu (French)

Jazzques album release concert review (French)

Jazzenzo review by George Tonla Briquet (Dutch)
Jazz`Halo interview by Bernard Lefèvre (Dutch)

Jazz`Halo review by Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther (German)
Rootsville (Dutch)

Jazzepoes (Dutch)


Check our tour at the Concerts Page.

The quartet: Kim Versteynen - voice | Arne Van Coillie - piano | Flor Van Leugenhaeghe - double bass | Gert-Jan Dreessen - drums   
Guests on the album: Bart Maris - trumpet | Renzo Ruggieri - melodica


earlier albums:

2014: "Open & Close"

2011: "Kim In the Middle"                                                              




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